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Warrior Brews sells Premium Brewed Drinks Infused with Prime Fuel MCT Oil to Boost Your Hustle.


The perfect pre-workout drink doesn't exist, or does it? Take a dose of 100% all-natural, organic coffee, add a few drops of MCT Oil and voila. You have one of the worlds more premiere drinks that doesn't fill your body with chemicals. Our coffee and cascara tea drinks can be consumed from 15-30 minutes before your workout. Helping people to overcome challenges and obstacles through our products is in our DNA. Get yours now!


Bulletproof Coffee Vietnam
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The only coffee built and brewed for entrepreneurs

Warrior Brews is a drink especially designed for hustlers. The MCT Oil which is infused in our drinks give you that cognitive boost to supercharge your creativity and mental capacity to lead and get it done. Taking inspiration from the ideas and work of David Asprey and his own Bulletproof coffee, we decided to create a version without the need for milk, butter and sugar. Cutting out these heavy and often unnecessary additives, ours is a crisp clean product that your body is able to absorb quickly and take full advantage of. As a busy founder or entrepreneur you might find yourself struggling to keep your energy up, following the usual coffee crash after your cup of coffee. What MCT oil does is it keeps that energy sustained throughout the day as you sip on our flash brew coffee.


Bulletproof Coffee Vietnam

The Bulletproof Coffee of Vietnam

David Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof coffee started a movement of hype-charging his coffee with MCT Oil as part of his attempt to "biohack" himself. His goal is to live to be 180 years, with his own personal coffee brand and other anti-aging tactics. Interested in biohacking your life? We can help you start the journey with our premium MCT Oil, Flash Brew coffee infused with MCT Oil, Cascara Tea infused with MCT Oil or a brew-at-home kit. Contact us for specific way of using MCT oil, whether on a casual basis, or part of your Ketogenic diet or intermittend fasting schedule.

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Bulletproof Coffee Vietnam

Our Arabica Coffee Products

Specialty Coffee Beans Vietnam

Vietnam is the second biggest exporter of coffee in the world, and number one coffee exporter in Asia. Not only that but it is slowly gaining a reputation for its premium specialty coffee. Our single-origin Arabica coffee from Dalat, Vietnam is "specialty grade" coffee that hits a cupping score of about 80. From the moment its planted, to the processing, drying, roasting and packaging of the coffee, quality control is involved throughout the journey.  

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