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5 science-backed benefits of drinking coffee before working out

Updated: May 19, 2021

Coffee is a healthy alternative to your usual pre-workout drinks that brings science-backed benefits to boost your workout routine.

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NOTE: In the scenario of using coffee before a workout this means the healthy version of coffee: Light or medium roast coffee with no sugar or milk. Ideally with a few drops of MCT Oil to boost energy and endurance.

1) It reduces Muscle Pain and speeds up muscle recovery

The university of Illinois conducted a study on cyclists and the effects consuming caffeine had if consumed before an intense workout. The evidence showed that it significantly lowered muscle pain in a double-blind study among cyclists. The conclusion here being that the benefits of coffee in regard to muscle pain applies to all sports and is especially beneficial to extreme sports.

Muscle pain

The bottom line? As an athlete you can complete exercises at higher resistance during trainings, as well as run, walk or cycle faster during cardio workouts. Leave the chemical-laden pre-workout drinks on the shelves and start drinking premium specialty coffee.

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2) Caffeine gives your metabolism a boost

The most welcoming news to coffee lovers who are looking for a natural solution to boosting their metabolism maybe already in their morning cup of JO. Just, please lose the sugar! Coffee contains a variety of healthy stimulants, including of course Caffeine. According to Healthline, caffeine has been proven to jump-start your metabolic rate. From a scientific perspective caffeine sends signals to your blood to raise your quantities of Epinephrine which raises the rate of release of fatty acids. In sum, if you are exercising to lose weight, drinking a cup of coffee beforehand will give that fat burning process a boost.

3) Coffee Improves your Immune System

Drinking two cups of coffee a day (without milk and sugar) can inject into your body just enough antioxidants to prevent life-threatening diseases. According to a study by The Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology it was proven without a doubt that due to the level of anti-oxidants, coffee can improve your immune system naturally. What to do now? Drink coffee before a workout and you have two solid immune boosting factors contributing to your surviving a pandemic and living to be 100 years old.

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4) Coffee improves endurance in athletes

According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition caffeine has been proven to increase muscular endurance in athletes who drink before an intense workout. It has further been proven to boost movement velocity, muscular strength, sprinting and jumping abilities as well as throwing performance.

pre-workout coffee

These factors are especially relevant for high-level trained athletes. Professionals recommending taking about 400 gram of coffee 60 minutes before a race, or extreme sport, to maximize performance benefits.

5) Coffee Accelerates Weight Loss

Coffee in itself has the power to burn fat thanks to its natural metabolic-boosting effects, but combined with a daily routine of running, lifting weights ETC, it's helping that much more. To further the evidence of coffee & caffeine used for losing weight in further studies consumption of coffee has been shown to suppress the hunger hormone "Ghrelin". Ghrelin is one of the key culprits behind your "love handles" that you are trying to get rid of, thankfully that cup of caffeine in the morning is the perfect fix. Again, we must reiterate here, that perfect cup of caffeine without sugar and milk.

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