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The rise of the Ketogenic Diet in Vietnam.

Since Vietnam opened up to the world in the 90s various trends have come and gone, some didn't last a year, but like Bubble tea, the keto diet is here to stay.

Ketogenic Diet in Vietnam

The graph above shows the popularity of the query "Ketogenic Diet" on google in Vietnam and as you can tell, it has exploded in popularity since 2014. What can this be attributed to? A host of reasons, from a more health-conscious society, to a rise in western fads.

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What is a ketogenic Diet?

The essence of a keto diet lies in the low sugar, high fat, formula. It shares some similarity with the Atkins diet, involving a drastic reduction in carbohydrates, while replacing those with healthy fats. This puts your body in a state of "ketosis" which is when your body starts burning fat instead of carbs and creates things called Ketones. which in turn the body can use as fuel.

Keto Diet Vietnam

Why are so many people in HCMC and Vietnam turning to the Keto Diet?

Netizens as well as journalist have been publishing a slew of reports over the last few years with regard to significant failures in health and safety regarding food production. Videos on Facebook of prawns being injected with unknown substances to make them weigh more, ETC. Recently, over two-thirds of meat samples from HCMC's wet markets were found to contain Salmonella bacteria, according to a new study by the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU).

A more health conscious society

Vietnam is following the usual trend of a booming developing economy, in terms of food, According to a recent study by Figobal, Vietnamese people are more and more likely to spend extra money on food that they know is safe (86%). Furthermore 76% are more likely to want to know what ingredients are going into their food. Hence the rise in diets, especially well-established diets now popular in the west including the Atkins and Keto diets.

Skinny is beautiful

Let's also not forget that culturally we are in Asia, which above most cultures around the world related thinness with beauty, especially for females. We want to emphasize health over skinny, but the truth is that in this part of the world "thin is always in" and the Keto diet has proven time and again to help people lose weight. Opinions aside we have to agree that a diet that replaces an ingredient proven to slow people's metabolisms down with one that speeds it up works for us and our brand here at Warrior Brews.

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The benefits of the Keto Diet

A low carb diet brings more benefits than can fit in one paragraph, but it is undisputed that the pros are wide-ranging. Starting with the clear benefits for those with diabetes, ketogenic meal plans have been shown to cut blood sugar and insulin levels. Health benefits include reduced heart disease, lower cholesterol among others. Those are the benefits that don't include what comes from losing unnecessary weight, the main drive of most individual to hop on the keto train. A lower cholesterol and reduced weight all work together to contribute to an improved health and a healthy heart.

Benefits of a ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic lifestyle boosted by MCT Oil

MCT oil in keto diets and meal plans has become all the rage recently in western societies and it is slowly catching on in Asia as well, Vietnam included. MCT Oil are Medium Chain Triglycerides, and they are naturally occurring lipids found in most healthy oils such as Avocado, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. When MCTs are extracted and concentrated, they become a powerful all-natural supplement for those looking to boost their keto diets.

Sources: Healthline

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