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What is Bulletproof coffee & where can I buy it in Vietnam?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

The founder of Bulletproof coffee David Asprey wants to live to be 180 years old. How does he plan to achieve this? By drinking Coffee with MCT oil, Sleeping in an oxygen chamber at night, actively experiments with stem cell treatments and participating in intermittent fasting among other lifestyle choices.

Bulleproof Coffee
The Bulletproof Formula

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What is MCT Oil & Why?

The eccentric founder of the bulletproof lifestyle set out to be the best he could be. MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are a type of healthy lipid that your body can absorb easily and quickly. In turn, once absorbed into your blood stream, it turns into instant energy that your body can utilize to its maximum. This type of oil, comes along with a whole host of incredible medical benefits including the following:

  • Cognitive boost

  • Instant Energy

  • Raise in your Metabolism

  • Part of the Ketogenic Diet

Now lets tackle those more in depth

MCT oil's effect on your cognitive functions

Long term use of MCTs has been proven to have positive supplementary effects on your brain. According to the US library of medicine it has been proven that MCTs not only maintain brain function but also provide a valuable cognitive boost. If Vitamin A is good for your eye health, than MCT is to your brain, what Vitamin A is to your eyes. Not only have MCTs proven to maintain and boost your brain's circuits and functions but it has also shown to slow down Dementia

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Medium Chain Triglycerides in KETO diets

Coconut oil and its derivative, MCT are both used extensively in the famous Ketogenic Diet. The Keto diet consists of consuming high levels of healthy fats and low amounts of carbohydrates in order to lose weight. Ketosis is when your body starts burning fats and oils instead of Carbohydrates and MCT oil fuels this process, resulting in impressive weight loss results.

Bulletproof Coffee vs Warrior Brews

The problem that we saw with Bulletproof coffee is the high amounts of dairy and sugar that goes into Bulletproof. By putting the focus on flash-brewed coffee's unique health benefits, we developed Warrior Brews coffee as the answer for those looking for a boost without the slow-down of unnecessary additives. Our final formula? We take premium quality Arabica coffee and infuse it with 5 drops of MCT oil to it. Both our Coffee and MCT are organic, paired with the absence of unnecessary milk and sugar making it possibly the healthiest coffee in Vietnam.

Warrior Brews coffee for athletes, the ultimate pre-workout drink.

Coffee in it's purest form, light roasted with no additives has already been proven to be a powerful pre-workout drink for athletes. Coffee in itself gives your metabolism a boost, burns fat and gives you an energy boost. However, add the powerful effects of MCT to your morning brew and you have yourself the healthiest of all power up drinks. Our especially developed Flash Brewed Coffee and MCT is exactly what any health-conscious athlete is looking for. The keyword here is healthy and organic, two elements 90% of gym drinks are devoid of.

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Where can you buy Coffee with MCT oil in Vietnam?

Warrior Brews coffee was conceived, developed and built right here in Saigon, Vietnam with the idea of selling to startup founders, entrepreneurs, athletes and all productive people that need that extra energy and focus all day long. We don't have a physical shop as we like to sell it as an on-the-go coffee. However it is available via the following outlets:

1) Facebook Shop

2) F45 Training

3) Hustle Training

4) Foodbooking

5) Chez Gilbert Saigon

6) Just MCT? Try our Lazada Page

Or head to our "Where To Buy" section now!

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