Coffee, Tea & MCT Oil

Everything You need To Boost Your Hustle

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Flash Brewed Coffee 

Infused with MCT Oil

Flash Brew? Did you mean Cold Brew?

Flash Brew is a different way of brewing cold coffee. We brew our coffee hot and cool it down over ice. The result? A complex & acidic flavor with floral aromatics that delight all the senses. 

This drink is produced with the finest Arabica coffee beans from the highlands of Vietnam by our award winning brewing partner here in Ho Chi MInh City, Vietnam.


200ML Ready Made Bottle: 80,000VND

Cascara Tea with Kumquat & honey

Infused with MCT Oil

Cascara is the dried fruit pulp of the coffee cherry. Once the coffee cherry is removed for the bean to be processed into coffee, it is washed and dried. This provides a lighter dose of caffeine with a very refreshing, light and fruity taste. Powered by MCT oil, this is the perfect health drink for anyone looking to lose weight, extra energy boost and more.


200ML Ready Made Bottle: 80,000VND

Cascara Tea
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Medium Chain Tryglicerides

Specialty Coffee Beans

Arabica | Light & Medium Roast

Specialty-grade Coffee is a term that is loosely thrown around these days by baristas, coffee shop owners, roasters and more. But to qualify to actually be "specialty-grade" coffee, it starts with a cupping score of 80+ (out of 100). To reach that level it involves the whole process from the moment the farmer clears his land to plant his first coffee plants all the way to the barista carefully preparing the filtering system or machines for the final product.


150G bag: 250,0000VND

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Home-brew Cascara Tea

Arabica Cascara Tea from Dalat

Our homebrew Cascara Tea set comes with the highest quality product anyone can offer. The cofee cherries are carefully selected, just like for the coffee itself, before being washed properly. After the drying process it goes through a robust quality control process to finally provide the final product.  We recommend a tablespoon of dried cascara per serving. 


10G bag: 250,0000VND


MCT Oil has been around for thousands if not millions of years, naturally. 

We just didn't have it identified yet. Medium Chain Triglycerides are naturally occurring lipids that can be found in Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado oil etc. If you take these otherwise healthy oils and strip out the MCTs, than voila, you have the most optimal part of the oil. MCTs have been proven time and again to boost people's stamina, energy, immune system, cognitive abilities and more. 


200ML MCT Concentrate: 495,0000VND

30ML MCT Concentrate: 150,000VND